Beautiful minds.
One incredible world.

Calm Down. Wise Up.

When the mind becomes calm, an inner wisdom arises. From this space we can all express our individual brilliance, create the impossible, and succeed beyond our wildest dreams. James and Leisa, Founders of Springback Studios

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The Calm Kids with Mamaphant App teaches children how to be calm. Inspire your child to do amazing things in his or her life.

For children aged 3 – 5.

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Our Mission

Welcome! We are a creative design and book publishing studio which empowers people to put some “spring” into their life so together we can all create one incredible world.

One Incredible World

Imagine a world where humans, animals, and nature all live together in harmony. Everyone is safe and healthy. Every child is educated. We all love our life, our life purpose is clear, and we all actively support one another.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every child and adult worldwide has an opportunity to feel uninterrupted happiness every day.

Our Philosophy

We take care to create beautiful, hand-crafted products. Through our work, we inspire individuals to discover their true nature – one of calmness, wisdom, love, creativity, and compassion. With this knowledge, the individual possibilities are endless; the collective possibilities are unfathomable.

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